Anne Strevy

Lives and works between Moscow and Paris.

Postgraduate at Moscow Surikov State Academic University. Graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA) 2013-2014. Member of Youth Association of the Russian Artists’ Union. Since 2009, working in the abstract movement of painting, Anne has been participating in international and regional art exhibitions.

The author’s works are owned by the Krasnoyarsk Art Museum; National Art Museum of Taiwan; Osten World Gallery, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; Mini Print Gallery, Cadaques, Spain; and Villa Birba Gallery, Milan, Italy and by private collection in Germany, France.

There are people to whom music is just noise, and there is good reason to believe they are in the majority. There are, however, few antipodes endowed with perfect pitch and rich imagination, who can hear music even in the noise. A similar situation can be seen in the sphere of plastic arts.

Anne Strevy is among those artists who are distinguished by their musical approach in pictorial art. The main content of her works is means of expression, composed by reverent attitude to colouring, texture of the work, and dynamics of colourful dab or stroke. This makes the process of perception and understanding of the artist’s works more complicated; that is why her admirers cannot be numerous, but they are intellectuals. One could feel it in the friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere at her vernisages. A sensitive, emotionally open spectator can get a great deal of exquisite pleasure when communicating with the artist’s works.

Anne Strevy’s works can supplement interior space as the designer’s formal approach to interior colours and composition makes a perfect match with the musical approach in her works. Being placed in the interior, these works will play the last, final chord in it.

Art historian, member of the Artists Union, associate professor of the Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture and Art, Yevgeny Nazimko.


Anne Strevy


Moscow / Paris